Training Event in Sicily during the “Cicerchia Day” in Licodia Eubea – 09/12/2018

Svimed, in collaboration with the organization of producers of Catania and the municipality of Licodia Eubea organizes a training for families and producers on 9th December.

The training is included in “Sagra della Patacò” event, which is dedicated to the demonstration of Aristometro and deepening the health aspects of Extravirgin Olive Oil. The training will also include tasting of high phenolic EVOO.
Partners will talk about the healthy properties of olive oil rich in polyphenols, the antioxidants that help us be healthier and feel better.
Furthermore, Svimed will present the ARISTOMETRO, the tool that can in just a few minutes analyze the levels of polyphenols presenting in the olive oil.
APO Catania is in charge of organizing the tasting area.
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