SC Meeting in Split, Croatia between the 28th and 30th of May

The 5th SC meeting will span through three days, the first day being dedicated to administrative issues, the second to the Aristoil cluster and the third to witnessing first-hand the processes and atmosphere of the area’s olive oil sector.

During the first day of the meeting, the SC will discuss administrative issues, such as the planning of deliverables, project modifications, as well as communication issues, as we are approaching the project’s closure. In addition, the two videos, for producers and consumers, produced by Diputación de Málaga partner will be presented, as well as the database developed by EGTC Efxini Poli for olive oil producers, participating in the pilot phase. In the afternoon the SC will discuss the conclusions from the training of olive oil stakeholders and the feedback received in all countries, led by the study phase leader partner, 

University of Cordoba. Finally, there will be a review of project activities, budget allocation, leading to the strategic planning of the steps ahead, communication and transferring.

The second day of the meeting will be dedicated to the transferring phase of the project and will begin with a discussion on the structure and administration of Aristoil cluster. Svimed will present the E-hub, which is planned to be the platform for communication, exchange and promotion of polyphenol rich health-protective olive oil and all the activities of the cluster. The Region of Peloponnese will lead a discussion on the planning of the International Networking Event, which will be the first meeting between cluster key actors from all project participating areas.

The meeting will close with a study visit to a 1500 years old olive tree in Kastel Stafilic (near Split), as well as visits to an olive oil mill (near the town Skradin) and to the olive orchards of Agricultural cooperative “Olive and Wine” in Polača (near the town Zadar).

Please find here the agenda.