Invitation to join the Aristoil Mediterranean Healthy Olive Oil Cluster

Register before June 6 and benefit from receiving certificates from the Aristoil Plus project and the Collar of Arisotil Cluster in Rome on June 23, 2022.

By joining the ARISTOIL PLUS Cluster you have the opportunity to give visibility to your product and take advantage of the activities and services offered by this (for now small) community, namely:

•             Provide services to the Cluster beneficiaries to increase the market value of the product
•             Promote international collaboration through the establishment and support of the international olive oil cluster
•             Improve the competitiveness of the local economy
•             Promote the health-promoting EVO at an international level (with relative certification regarding   polyphenols)
•             Guarantee the representation of Cluster members on international markets
•             Research and development
•             Support in technology transfer activities regarding EVOO production.

On a practical level, the tools made available through the project are (

•             A procedural manual to increase the level of polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil
•             Training and assistance
•             Analysis with the Aristometer and assistance
•             Promotion of products with the Aristoil "Health claim" label

Joining the ARISTOIL PLUS network takes place by registering with the Cluster which can be formalized at the following link:
To join it will be necessary to fill in the form on the web page above and formalize the signing of the dedicated Protocol by affixing a simple tick.
We remind you that those who want to promote their products in the Showcase section must have a product with a total polyphenol content of at least 500 mg / kg.

Once registered you will receive a confirmation email, you will have to click on the link to confirm the registration request.

Before the system confirms, possible members must send a copy (pdf) of the analyzes with a polyphenol value of the product greater than 500mg / kg of polyphenols (campaign 2021) that they intend to upload to the platform  or ot send to the email

As soon as we receive the copy of the analyzes via email, we will be able to confirm the registration to the platform and you will be able to enter information on the health product, in addition to uploading the analyzes to certify the blockchain.

Finally, we would like to inform you that on June  23 a day dedicated to the production of healthy extra virgin olive oil will be held in Rome in which technical workshops and an institutional conference will be organized (see Save the Date attached) to which we would like to invite you.
Please register before June 6 , in order to receive the certificates form the Aristoil Plus project and the Collar of Arisotil Cluster in Rome next June 23, 2022. As part of the afternoon institutional conference, ARISTOIL PLUS certificates will also be issued relating to the polyphenol content of your extra virgin olive oils.