ARISTOIL PLUS + Final Conference in Rome

ARISTOIL PLUS, a symbol to recognize healthy and quality EVO oil

The project presented in Rome in the Protomoteca Room at Rome Municipality Building (Campidoglio). Technical workshops and conferences dedicated to good practices in the production of EVO oil

ARISTOIL PLUS, a symbol to recognize healthy and quality EVO oil

Extra virgin olive oils with a high quantity of polyphenols and healthy nutraceutical properties will be provided with a special collar

Rome, June 24th, 2022

The presentation day of ARISTOIL PLUS (, the European cooperation programme co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund involving five partners from four countries (Italy, Spain, Greece and Montenegro), took place in the Protomoteca Room at Campidoglio (Rome Municipality Building) on Thursday 23rd June. The aim of the project is to follow up on the results obtained from the previous ARISTOIL project, which took place as part of the 2014-2020 Interreg Mediterranean Programme, creating a cluster of olive oil farms aimed at promoting the nutraceutical properties of EVO oil, the Cluster "Med Healthy Olive Oil". ARISTOIL PLUS project, presented by the Italian Olive Oil Towns Association in partnership with Svi.Med Onlus, has therefore developed a series of tools capable of maximizing and measuring the level of polyphenols in the oil, as well as some guidelines for the production of a healthy and quality EVO oil.

We are more than satisfied with the success of the presentation – states Michele Sonnessa, President of the Italian Olive Oil Towns Association (ANCO) – but we are just at the beginning. Our goal as ANCO is to raise awareness among both companies and consumers and in this regard a great effort will be required by all the partners of this ambitious project. The presentation day was absolutely a convincing start from which to start to bring the ARISTOIL PLUS Project to the end.”

The extra virgin oils produced by the companies participating in the ARISTOIL PLUS project will be immediately recognizable on the market thanks to a special collar that will certify the particular properties that characterize these products. An authentic seal that will guarantee quality for taste and health.

The main result of the ARISTOIL PLUS project was the real involvement of all the actors in the olive oil chain, public and scientific representatives and consumers, who took part in an extremely participatory planning to give a soul to the cluster. The ARISTOIL collar represents the starting point of a new adventure that will see the cluster even more present for consumers, guaranteeing them qualitative products from all points of view.” 

The program of ARISTOIL PLUS presentation day has offered various thematic focuses on EVO oil production and distribution, that have been particularly appreciated by the numerous sector operators participating to the event. The activities began with the technical workshop “The Production of healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, moderated by Emilia Arrabito and Antonio Balenzano, ANCO Director, that has introduced ARISTOIL PLUS guidelines for a more aware production chain. The meeting was characterized by strong interactivity with the public, who was also presented with the new "Aristometer" device.

Not only production, but also new business opportunities among the most discussed topics throughout the day. The seminar "Marketing and Market Opportunities for the Olive Sector in the Mediterranean" analysed numerous aspects of the distribution of EVO oil, from labelling to new markets, passing through the central role of sustainability in product communication.

In the afternoon, great participation and involvement by the public in the Protomoteca Room at Campidoglio for "Beyond Organic, Beyond Extra Virgin!", a real meeting between the partner countries of ARISTOIL PLUS. The capitalization conference proved to be an authentic dialogue and discussion opportunity among the present producers and agronomists; in particular, testimonies from the territories and case studies from Italy, Spain, Greece and Montenegro were presented, with producers who talked about the development opportunities offered by the production of a healthier and quality EVO oil, also and above all to the joining the ARISTOIL PLUS Project.

The day then ended with the award ceremony for the cluster international members included in the producers area of the ARISTOIL PLUS e-hub by the Italian associated partners.

“It is a very important signal seeing such a participating and involved operators’ audience – explains Michele Sonnessa, President of the Italian Olive Oil Towns Association – and we have to go on this way. We want to provide Mediterranean producers with the tools to create a product that has an important health value, so that consumers no longer consider oil just as a condiment, but as an integral and fundamental part of their diets. This will only be possible through a work shared by all partners and participating countries, and with an attitude aimed at promoting the Extra Virgin Olive Oil product first, and then the company.”

"We are convinced that ARISTOIL PLUS is the way to go to change the way we understand and consume EVO oil - concludes Emilia Arrabito, Director of Svi.Med. Onlus - and we know that it is an extremely complicated task. It is necessary that all producing companies focus first of all on the well-being of the final consumer, who is the target to raise awareness in order to make a good communication of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a quality product with very high nutraceutical and health properties. This ARISTOIL PLUS Project presentation day gave very important answers, all the players in the sector showed a great desire and willingness to collaborate actively for the success of the project. It was what we needed to start a long and tortuous journey in the best possible way.”

The growth and development of the Med Olive Oil Cluster will undoubtedly be of fundamental importance, an arduous challenge in which producer associations, olive growers and oil millers will participate as well as trade associations and public authorities, which will contribute to the constant training of all sector operators and stakeholders in the olive sector.

In Italy the associated project partners are the Central Inspectorate for the protection of quality and fraud prevention of agri-food products (ICQRF - MIPAAF), the Italian Olive oil Consortium (UNAPROL), the International Association of Oil Restaurants (AIRO), the Cultural Heritage Company of the Campania Region, (SCABEC) and the Larino Municipality.

The international partnership is partly made up of organizations that have been previously involved in the ARISTOIL project and in particular: GECT EFXINI POLI – Leader, GR - SVIMED – EuroMediterranean Centre for Sustainable Development, Ragusa, IT - CCSEV – Official Chamber of Commerce of Industry and Navigation of Seville, ES - VALDANOS – Association for regional sustainable olive growing, ME - ANCO – Italian Olive Oil Towns Association, IT

For further information please visit the project website at the following link