Aristoil goes to 27th Sial Inspire Food Business Exhibition in Paris

Aristoil partnership and olive oil producers will have the chance to participate in 27th Sial Inspire Food Business Exhibition from 21st to 25th October 2018 in Paris.

This Exhibition is one of the largest ones in the food and beverage industry worldwide and has a commercial and innovative character.

It’s one of the best way to promote the health claim olive oil and to move towards the opening of a new market. By this participation the project will achieve two main scopes:

1. Dissemination of project 

2. Creation of business opportunities for project target group (olive oil producers and olive oil industry key players).

The participants in SIAL Paris include staff from partners, as well as producers, either through their physical presence or through samples of their EVOO produce (three each), certified by one of the partner research institutions for their concentration in phenols.

Aristoil partners’ and producers’ participation in Sial Paris will promote and disseminate the project’s results, while the experience will be shared during the forthcoming horizontal meetings within the Green Growth community and discussed.

The Region of Peloponnese (Greece) will provide a stand with relevant communication material, while input and feedback from experts, consumers and trading companies and other stakeholders will be collected and recorded.

In this stand producers that participate in project will be hosted and will have the opportunity to promote their own olive oil in the exhibition, disseminate the benefits of the health claim olive oil and create business opportunities. 

This event could be used as a good communication example for gaining access to market and promoting business opportunities for Aristoil’s target group (producers).

More about the venue can be found here: