The National Networking Event in parallel with EXPOLIVA, Spain

A national networking event in Spain took place in combination with EXPOLIVA, the largest fair of the olive oil in Spain, both of which were held from 15th to 18th of May 2019 in Jaén.

Its main objective was the connection of local producers, olive millers and other SMEs involved with the olive oil in Spain. It is the most relevant event related to the olive oil and one of the world largest events of the olive oil sector. Aiming at promotion of this interaction, Aristoil Spanish partners decided to favor the participation of the local producers involved in sending samples for Aristoil project to EXPOLIVA fair and offering 100 free entrances to them for the fair. The entrances where valid for the four days of the fair, so they decided when and how to get there.

During EXPOLIVA, at the Scientific and Technical Symposium, at “food, health and olive oil forum”, the University of Cordoba has presented a paper called “Evaluation of healthy olive oil potential based on healthy 432/2012 EU statement” by I. Criado, H. Miho, A. Mena, CA Ledesma, CM Ten, F. Priego. So, the participants had the possibility not only to interact with other stakeholders, among the nearly 60,000 visitors of the fair, but to attend a lecture related with ARISTOIL. Finally, hundred of visitors had the opportunity to interact with more than 382 direct exhibitors, representing 1,021 companies and 4,847 brands of the olive oil sector. Therefore, the objective of the action was met and Aristoil partners were fully satisfied with it.