The 4th SC meeting in Malaga has been concluded

The 4th SC meeting took place in Malaga between the 6th and 7th November.

Representatives from all partnership organisations attended the meeting and addressed the next actions to be carried out. The meeting took place mid-project and thus the main focus axis were the following:

- Planning: what has been accomplished so far, what is yet to be accomplished

- Financial planning: which budget lines and which WPs require special attention

- Transferring: the creation of the Olive Oil Living Lab and Producer Cluster

The Director of Employment, European Resources and New Technologies opened the meeting explaining that the Diputación de Málaga, through the European resources, allocates 135,000 euros for communication actions on olive oil and for the development of actions related to the measurement of phenols. 

The first presentation, by the University of Athens partner, presented the results and conclusions, relating to EVOO production with high phenolic content, from the study phase of WP3. The University of Cordoba partner, next, presented a 'Decalogue for the production of (extra) virgin olive oil with high phenolic content' and the meeting continued with a presentation by Svi.Med partner and an external speaker, Francesco Mollinari, an international expert on living labs. In addition, the UNIST partner, also delivered a presentation on the vision and practical steps that may be taken for the creation of Living Lab for Olive Oil. 

In the afternoon, there was a presentation by the Region of Peloponnese and the LP, EGTC Efxini Poli, concerning Aristoil participation in SIAL Paris, the benefits from participation and the feedback received by stakeholders visiting the Aristoil stand. Following this review, the LP presented the suggested contents of the Guide for Producers (hard copy), based on the findings of the study phase and the ‘Decalogue for producers’. 

The final presentation, by the LP, concerned financial and certification issues that require special attention and certain issues concerning deliverables that may need to be prioritized and completed before the end of this term.

The second day of the meeting included a visit to the olive oil mill of the Cooperativa Andaluza Olivarera La Purísima, in Archidona, and to the agro-food cooperative Dcoop in Antequera, as well as its bottling plant.