A generous welcome was given on 27th November to the Aristoil Project on Mediterranean high quality extra-virgin olive oil, which has now reached its final stages.

In the wonderful setting of the  Upper Secondary Education Institute "P.Mattarella - D. Dolci of Alcamo, which overlooks the sea of northwestern Sicily, a Seminar was held entitled" An innovative Cluster for the olive producers of the Mediterranean area.”  In front of a large audience the representatives of public and private local institutions together with the representatives of professional associations and medical-health areas reported on the health properties of extra-virgin olive oil and the related Dop certifications, on the state of the art of the Project and on the objectives of the establishing Cooperation Cluster between the Countries participating in the Project, for the promotion of an oil with a high polyphenolic content and of the Aristometer, the innovative tool patented by the project for the detection and analysis of the polyphenols.

The illustration of the characteristics and the demonstration of the use of the latter were the subject of the Training Course that followed the Seminar, in the late morning, and addressed to producers, students and various key players in the field of oil present.