"Aristoil" was presented at the EGTC Platform event in Athens

The CoR (Committee of Regions) coorganized with EGTCs Efxini Poli and Amphictyony the Platform event "EGTCs'

contribution to the Future of Europe debate".

The event took place in Athens on 4th May 2018 and many representatives from national and local authorities were presented and talked about the importance of EGTCs' role in European Union. 

The event was an opportunity for the General Director of Efxini Poli Mr George Pappous to present all current projects and among them Aristoil.

It is important to say that EGTCs are one of the most innovative structures in territorial cooperation the European Union has created and they act as true advocates for the European Union and present a clear added value of the EU. At the EGTC Platform meeting in October 2018, the EGTCs will express their strong interest be heard in the debate on the future of Europe, and this event will enable their opinions to be voiced.