An infoday focused on children and healthy nutrition in the centre of Malaga

In coincidence with the celebration of the Europe Day, Diputacion de Malaga designed an activity focused on children for transmitting them the importance of the olive oil in our diet and economy, the benefits for health and how to preserve them.

During the whole period of the Europe Day, some info banners with information for general public about the olive oil where set in the theatre, but the specific event took place between 11:00 to 11:30.

Messages about the healthy character of olive oil and the importance in our diet and economy were done through a theatricalization/dramatization with the participation of some children. To reinforce the message after the dramatization, the Aristoil partner prepared a traditional breakfast with bread, high quality olive oil, natural orange juice, an apple and a portion of traditional cake made with EVOO and honey.

The objective was to disseminate the general information focused on consumers about EVOO and healthy nutrition to children as future consumers for appreciating the EVOOs and its importance.The participants came from 4 different municipalities (5 different schools) of the surrounding area in the centre of the Malaga province, the area of Caminito del Rey. The Europe Day is celebrated to disseminate the importance of the EU, our common values and the sense of belonging. In this context, new thematic sessions were introduced, one of them the one dedicated to the healthy habits, it was called “together caring the environment and healthy breakfast” was focused on the Aristoil project, the healthy character of olive oil and the importance in our diet, our economy and the contribution to the environment, as mentioned before. After the dramatization, individual healthy breakfast packs were distributed. The activities produced for the Info Day had the consideration of sustainable event in line with Interreg Med greener events directions.