What we do

ARISTOIL project suggests solutions to existing problems, trying to combine the expertise of the scientific partners. Main problems are:

1. No officially recognized method for measurement of the olive oil phenolic ingredients that are responsible for the health protecting properties and for this reason there is no commonly accepted way for monitoring the quality regarding the health claim.

2. Producers' lack of knowledge on olive oil production that fulfil the health claim criteria because there is also lack of robust data concerning the agronomic and processing factors that influence the levels of the phenolic ingredients in olive oil.

Consequently, what the partners are called to do is to optimize and cross validate the best available methods of chemical analysis (NMR,LCMS,colorimetry) offering new commonly accepted tools for olive oil quality monitoring. The analysis methods will be adopted by two certification centers in Greece and Spain. The analytical methods will be applied to the analysis of 3,000-5,000 samples of olive oil in order to investigate the most critical factors (e.g.variety,harvest time,processing parameters).

One main tool that has been developed is the producers' database, accessible for Aristoil producers' team, by clicking here: www.efxini.gr/aristoil_sm/public/login.

Summarizing, we aim at: 

  • boosting of production of innovative olive oil product
  • training of 3000 olive oil producers and millers
  • increasing consumers' awareness
  • development of a standardised procedure for Olive oil "Health Claim" certification
  • development of Mediterranean Olive Oil Cluster


1. providing Mediterranean olive oil producers the potential to increase the value of their product

2. increasing knowledge capacity of olive oil producers

3. increasing demand for high quality olive oil

Videos from actions taken so far: www.facebook.com/pg/Aristoil/videos/