The Municipality of Sitia, member of the EGTC - Efxini Poli, organized info day on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at the City Hall of Sitia for the innovative European Research Project "ARISTOIL".

The project coordinator, Mr. Nikos Krimmnianiotis, talked about the benefits of olive growers' participation in the European project of the Mediterranean South (including regions of Spain, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus).

The project, which aims at "Enhancing the competitiveness of the olive oil industry through the development and application of innovative methods of production and quality control on its health-friendly properties", lasts till 2019 and aims to improve olive cultivation and strengthening the special properties of the oil operating healthprotective (phenols content), but also to enhance the aromatic char of tissue.

It is clear that a new trend is beginning to emerge in the olive oil market, and in particular its prices are also related to the phenolic content (health impact) and not only acidity. So it seems possible to open soon a second parallel market for olive oil, this health area.

It should be noted that in the event recording sheets for completion distributed and will subsequently be collected oil samples for analysis of the particular quality characteristics - the characteristics of growers who will participate. The interest was intense and was host of questions.

Obviously, once certain research assumptions have been confirmed, Greece, with its particular climatic conditions, its soil and appropriate cultivation techniques, can play a leading role in global and European olive oil production with regard to its hydroprotective characteristics and what this implies.