Transferability Protocol for stakeholders interested in participating in the Aristoil Mediterranean Healthy Olive Oil Cluster

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Memorandum of Understanding for the promotion and management of informal association: Aristoil Mediterranean Healthy Olive Oil Cluster

Goal of Aristoil cluster: Group of producers and stakeholders, involved in production and distribution of high quality health-protecting extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), who aim to improve their products according to the health claim (REGULATION (EC) No 1924/2006 and Community Regulation EU No. 432/2012 on nutrition and health claims made on foods) and market them in a way that they will have a commercial advantage and will benefit financially.

The Aristoil cluster is the result of the activities of cooperation of the partners of ARISTOIL Interreg MED project, which was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg MED Programme 2014-2020. The project partners include organisations from Greece; EGTC Efxini Poli (lead partner), the Region of Peloponnese and the University of Athens; from Italy; EuroMediterranean Center for Sustainable Development (Svi.Med) and Free Municipal Consortium of Ragusa, from Spain; University of Cordoba and Provincial Government of Malaga; from Croatia; the University of Split and from Cyprus; Aristoleo LTD and Larnaca and Famagusta District Development Agency. The aim of the project is the development of an Aristoil Mediterranean Healthy Olive Oil Cluster of key actors to facilitate networking and cooperation across the Mediterranean, in order to support the communication and exchange of know-how, technology and experiences.

The Aristoil living labs, which were created locally as an innovative methodology to involve the quadruple helix actors, can support the development of the Aristoil Cluster. Information on new market opportunities, exhibitions, seminars, demand and other ideas flow through the cluster.

The purpose of the Aristoil Cluster is to strengthen local, regional and national capacities for improving the quality and properties of olive oil and raise competitiveness of olive oil products, during all stages of production and distribution. Targeting consumers, we will provide them with an integrated quality assurance system, which may offer them confidence in the products they’re purchasing.

The cluster may include the following individuals or groups:
- Olive growers and olive oil producers
- Olive-millers
- Standardization experts/ organisations
- Packaging – related enterprises
- Government, NGO and scientific bodies with expertise related to olive oil

The main activities of the Aristoil MED Healthy Olive Oil Cluster are:

1. Provide services for the Cluster beneficiaries to increase product market value
2. International collaboration through the establishment and support of international olive oil cluster
3. Enhancing competitiveness of local economy
4. International promotion of EVOO with enhanced health value (polyphenol health claim)
5. Member representation of the Cluster in international markets
6. Research and development
7. Support in technology transfer activities in EVOO production,

Representatives of actors coming from each local Living Lab adhering to the Cluster administration from all countries is going to be a priority and will grant the visibility, promotion and representation in commercially-relevant activities of all participant areas. By signing this protocol of participation you are expressing your willingness to participate in the activities of the Aristoil cluster, which are defined by the principles of the Guide for Producers (deliverable 2.4.8 - and vision hereby described.