Greek Launching Event of ARISTOIL PLUS

ARISTOILPLUS has just started! ARISTOILPLUS is a continuation of ARISTOIL project with the aim to transfer to new terrotories the know-how achieved within the previous project. A new partnership...

The International Conference on health claim olive oil as a functional food, will be hosted by project partner, the Region of Peloponnese and will take place in Athens, on Monday, 27th January 2020.

What is ARISTOIL PLUS about?

ARISTOILPLUS is transferring some of the most important outcomes of ARISTOIL project:

  • Guidelines for producing Extra Virgin Olive Oils with health protective properties
  • MED Healthy Olive oil Cluster Protocol

Through intensive capacity building and coaching activities 120 actors and SMEs of EVOO sector will participate to webinars and info-days in Greece, Italy, Spain, Montenegro and Albania.


New Organisations Involved


New Territories


Olive oil producers supported