Svimed, in collaboration with the organization of producers of Catania and the municipality of Licodia Eubea organizes a training for families and producers on 9th December.

Diputacion de Malaga has scheduled to organise info days for general public at Paseo del Parque de Málaga (city centre) from 6th to 9th of December from 12 to 22hrs every day.

Puglia Region, Community Policy Coordination and Svimed, Euro-Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development are starting training days to promote good practices that maximize the antitumor...

Results and key deliverables

- Transferring of know-how by organizing Info days and conferences

- Contribution to the Olive Oil Living Lab database by registering producers and olive groves 

- Ongoing development on the methodological steps on establishing the MED-cluster of olive oil producers

- Development of a guide aimed at producers for the production of olive oil with increased health-protecting properties

- Analysis of olive oil samples using the NMR method. Development of an open database that includes agronomic factors

- Feasibility study on certification center and pilot certification centers functioning. The necessity to purchase a portable olive mill lied upon the need to extract small amounts of oil from olive fields during the collection period when the olive millers are overloaded with work and will not be available for experimentation activities. Samples are collected during 2018 harvest period and will be analysed. The olive mill is foreseen to be extensively used in WP4 -4.1 Pilot Activity: Certification Centre in Greece and in Spain.

- Ongoing monitoring of phenolic concentrations in olive oil producers, using the Aristometro







Olive oil producers and millers